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Accepting Visiting Research Fellows under the Agreement between China Scholarship Council (CSC)

YNU will accept researchers from China as Visiting Research Fellows under "CSC-YNU Joint Scholarship Program" which has been agreed to implement between China Scholarship Council (CSC). For those who wish to be accepted as researchers at YNU under this program, please follow the direction below.

(1) College and Faculty eligible at YNU
College of Education, Faculty of International Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Faculty of Urban Innovation

(2) Entry Criteria
1. Candidates should be citizens of the People’s Republic of China at the time of application and must not be
currently working or studying abroad.
2. Candidates for visiting fellows are required to have a doctoral degree and to have research achievements
equivalent to YNU professors, associate professors or lecturers.
3. Candidates for postdoctoral fellows are required to have their doctoral degrees within the last 3 years at the
time of application.

(3) Duration of Acceptance
Duration for each visiting fellows will be from 3-12 months and duration for each postdoctoral fellows will be from 6-24 months. In either case, researchers must arrive at Japan between the end of September 2020 and the end of June 2021.

(4) Number of Acceptance
As agreed between CSC and YNU, up to 20 scholarships will be provided including researchers and doctoral students (doctoral students will be selected in a separate procedure).

(5) Application and Selection Procedure
Candidates should firstly find a supervisor at YNU. Please see the YNU Researcher Database新しいウィンドウが開きます and contact directly to the researcher who you wish to be accepted. Please mention that you wish to be accepted as visiting research fellow under "CSC-YNU Joint Scholarship Program", and discuss the research theme, research duration and other necessary conditions with your supervisor. In addition, please follow any other directions requested by the supervisor.
Selection procedure will be carried out by the College or Faculty which the supervisor belongs. When permission of acceptance is approved by the College or Faculty, a letter of conditional acceptance will be issued to the candidate and will become the finalist candidate to be nominated to CSC from YNU.
After the nomination, the finalist candidate should apply to CSC for the scholarship by themselves.

(6) Deadline of Procedure
Candidates must receive approval from the College or Faculty of YNU no later than Feb. 20th (Thu) 2019. Date of screening will be different depending on each College or Faculty so candidates are recommended to confirm the deadline of application to the supervisor.

(7) Letter of Acceptance
When Candidate pass the selection procedure by CSC, please send the Letter of Acceptance issued by CSC to the supervisor at YNU.

(8) Contact
International Office: kokusai.kikaku()ynu.ac.jp *insert @ in ().

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