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[To international students and researchers] Regarding Re-entry Permit to Japan

If you are planning to go back to your home country or other overseas destinations for temporary evacuation, and still wishing to return Japan during the authorized term of residence to continue your studies/works, we strongly recommend that you obtain re-entry permit BEFORE departing Japan. With the re-entry permit you will be able to re-enter Japan without obtaining a new visa and the procedure for entering Japan will be much simpler than the usual landing procedure.

Application form and further information related to the re-entry permit can be found below. Please read the instruction carefully, fill in the form, and submit it together with other necessary documents to the immigration authority of your place of residence. If screening process is completed successfully, you can obtain the re-entry permit on the day of application. Please be noted that according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it is “not possible to obtain re-entry permit at an Embassy or Consulate-General after departure from Japan”.

NB: Please do not forget to get permission from your advisor to leave, and submit a notification of temporary leave to your faculty or graduate school as well as Student Support Division before you depart.

Application for Re-entry Permit
(Ministry of Justice)
Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureauhttp://www.immi-moj.go.jp/english/info/index.html
Extension of the period of validity of the re-entry permit to Japan
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

(Internatinal Division)

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