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YNU Students Rule in ”Dream corridor in Yokohama”

Chinese students at YNU are playing a big role in the Dream Corridor in Yokohama Project that aims to introduce the charm of Yokohama to mainland China. The Project is distributed to China by USTREAM, a movie distribution site. The first episode, broadcast November 16, 2010, reported on Tokiwasai Festival as part of its coverage on foreign students at YNU.

The project receives assistance in planning and operation from Sanyo Printing Corporation and is also joined by Chinese students enrolled at other universities in Kanagawa Prefecture, each of whom has been involved from the planning stage to showcase Yokohama and its attractions.

So far three episodes have been distributed, with subsequent episodes planned to be broadcast twice a month (next episode: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Dec., 29).

It's in Chinese only but please do take a look.

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