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The Eco Flea Market for 2010 Closes with Great Success!

The International Exchange Committee of the Faculty of Economics held Eco Flea Market twice in academic year 2010 at International Exchange Lounge. Almost 100 undergraduate and graduate students stopped by to buy everyday goods and more.

On both of those occasions (Friday, April 16 and Friday, October 14) some students came even before the market opened to scope the items put for sale with intense curiosity, chomping at the bit to get in.

The event started last year as part of the International Exchange Program and aims at promoting recycling activities as well. The goods were donated not only by the Economics faculty members but also by the MPE Office, International Division and International Student Center.

Most of the items donated were brand new, linens being the most popular, and encompassed a wide variety of goods from kitchen utensils (coffee makers, hot plates, electric pots, etc.) to clothing (sweaters, down jackets, etc.), printers, electronic dictionaries, toys and Japanese folk crafts. There were even great finds, too, in foreign books, Japanese books, DVDs, cookbooks and books in specialized fields. Prices ranged from 100 yen to 1,000 yen and scenes of haggling in English and/or recently learned Japanese were observed as the inventory slimmed in a cheerful atmosphere. Total sales were 37,320 yen for June and 39,670 yen for October. The proceeds will help fund international exchange programs at YNU.

Participants in Euro-Japan English Dialogue in the Faculty of Economics, tutors to JOY students, foreign students studying short-term and students taking Professor Alexander McAulay’ s seminar and more helped as volunteers in running the Eco Flea Market this year.

Students shopping at Eco Flea Market
Students shopping at Eco Flea Market

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