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Alumni Reunion Held for Faculty of Economics Euro-Japan English Dialogue Program, Commemorating the 5th Year

The Faculty of Economics Euro-Japan English Dialogue is in its fifth year. Students from YNU already visited its partner universities in England and France this academic year and pulled off the weeklong program in great success.

Alumni from the First to the Fifth Dialogue held a reunion at an Italian restaurant in Shinagawa on January 22, 2011. Twenty-five former participants attended the reunion. Among those present were Prof.Kenji Watanuki, who led the group 2006-07, Prof. Alexander McAulay (same) 2008-2010, and Prof. Daisuke Arie who has been rendering assistance to the program in multiple ways.

The Euro-Japan English Dialogue Program has sent students to European Countries such as France, Germany, Wales, England, Italy, Czech Republic and Finland, to hold dialogs with local students and visit local businesses.

At the reunion, former members shared their memories of socializing with European students. Through Dialogue, they were able to improve their English and academic skills, and they reported their friendship with European students still continues.

Professor McAulay reported on the progress of the Euro-Japan English Dialogue Program. One sign of progress is that three schools participated in the Dialogue for the first time this year (University of Milano joined Dialogue at University Paris Est Créteil). Another sign arguably is that 19 students applied to the opening of 10 participants. There is a chance that those wishing to participate may continue to increase in number going forward, making the competition even stiffer.

The alumni who participated in the reunion currently work for companies like Chugoku Electric Power, Citibank, ITOCHU Corporation, Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited, and so on. It may be possible to argue that their experience in Dialogue gave their job hunt a winning edge. Students who are starting their job hunt should take note of this point. The Euro-Japan English Dialogue Program is highly recommended for this additional dimension of getting a job.

The cheerful and pleasant conversation continued on till late at night. This is a program that not only builds friendship between the Europeans and the Japanese but also forms a powerful bond among the participating students.

If you are interested in participating in the 2011 Euro-Japan English Dialogue Program, make sure you check the Faculty of Economics bulletin board for program description.
Alumni of Dialogue
Alumni of Dialogue

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