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Major Organizational Reform of YNU from April 2011

Yokohama National University has instituted major organizational reforms to Faculties and Graduate Schools from April 2011 as below to further enhance our efforts to educate the human resources required for the 21st century.


-Human Studies Course is established (reorganized) in the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences.
-School of Engineering Science is established, replacing School of Engineering.

Graduate Schools:

-Graduate School of Education is reorganized.
-Graduate School of Engineering is reorganized.
-Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences is reorganized.
-Graduate School of Urban Innovation is launched.

Detailed Information

Educational Organization of YNU from April 2011PDFファイルが開きます
Undergradaute Reforms of YNU: Before and AfterPDFファイルが開きます
These charts show how the new educational organization corresponds to the previous educational organization.

This reorganization and expansion is conducted to develop further contributions to society based on YNU’s tradition as an institute of higher education. Thank you for your understanding and support.


At YNU, there are several graduate programs conducted in English.

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