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YNU Alumni Reunion Held in Uzbekistan

On Saturday, September 7, 2013, YNU Alumni Reunion was held at a restaurant “Bavaria Plaza” in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In addition to 9 alumni from Uzbekistan, 3 alumni from Japan, guests from the Embassy of Japan, Japan International Cooperation Agency Uzbekistan Office, JDS Project Office in Uzbekistan, and Nagoya University Office for Central Asia participated in the event. From YNU, Deputy Executive Director for International Affairs and Faculty of International Social Sciences Professor Ichiro Araki, Faculty of International Social Sciences Assistant Professor Hisami Andrade, and International Office Section Chief Kuninobu Ide took part in the gathering, making the number of participants 22 in total.

After Professor Araki gave a toast, everyone enjoyed the reunion in a friendly atmosphere. It was the second time to hold the reunion in Uzbekistan after 2010. There are more than 20 alumni from Uzbekistan who have graduated from YNU, but some did not know each other as they studied in different programs and graduated in different years. The reunion became a good opportunity for them to make a network among the alumni.

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