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YNU Alumni Reunion held in Dalian

On September 14th, YNU alumni reunion was held in Dalian, China. President Kunio Suzuki, Information Technology Service Center Director and Faculty of International Social Sciences Professor Yuichi Hasebe, Information Technology Service Center Professor Haoyuan Xu, Faculty of International Social Sciences Professor Peijun Guo, General Affairs Department General Manager Kimio Minato, and International Office Administrative Staff Kenichiro Murakami participated from YNU. Along with 8 alumni and 5 faculty and administrative staff of Dalian University of Technology (DUT), 15 YNU students visiting DUT and 15 DUT students who are learning Japanese also participated in the reunion, making the total number of participants to be 50.

The reunion party started with the greeting from President Suzuki, and everyone enjoyed talking about their university days and caught up on each other’s present lives. We hope the network continues and expands further.

An article on the alumni reunion was published on a local magazine “Whenever Dalian” together with an interview of President Suzuki. (Please see the Japanese website for the article and the interview.)

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