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Queen's University (Canada) Visited YNU

On Thursday October 10, 2013, Queen’s University Vice-Principal (Research) Professor Steven N. Liss visited YNU.

Queen’s University is the counterpart institute of YNU Faculty of Engineering for “Strategic Young Researcher Overseas Visit Program for Accelerating Brain Circulation” which was selected by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor MATSUZAWA Koichi is currently staying at Queen’s University for his research. In the past, Faculty ex-Dean Professor ISHIHARA Osamu, and Professor MITSUSHIMA Shigenori also visited the institute for building up an active relationship with the institute.

Vice-Principal Liss made a campus tour around YNU and then made a courtesy visit to President SUZUKI Kunio. At the president’s office, Vice President YAMADA Hitoshi, Deputy Executive Director for International Affairs Professor ARAKI Ichiro, Faculty of Engineering Professor WATANABE Masayoshi, and International Office Manager Ms. ITO Yoko also attended the meeting to greet him. After Professor Watanabe made a couple of presentations on introduction to YNU and to Green Material Innovation (GMI) research bases and they had a talking session. Since YNU and Queen’s had just signed an academic exchange agreement a week before, discussions on the future academic exchange between the two universities went on in a very friendly atmosphere.
Commemorative Photo
Commemorative Photo

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