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Sejong University (Korea) Visited YNU

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Sejong University College of Liberal Arts Japanese Language and Literature Chairperson Professor LEE Byung-Jin, visited YNU.

Sejong University and YNU have an academic exchange agreement between colleges since 2012, under which "Yokohama National University International Program - Sejong University Japan Exchange Program" (Sejong Program for short) is conducted. Students from Sejong University learn Japanese language and culture in the classes held mainly by the College of Education and Human Sciences. Professor Lee visited YNU as the person in charge of the program from Sejong.

Professor Lee made a courtesy visit to Vice-President YAMADA Hitoshi at his office, which was also attended by International Student Center Professor YOMOTA Chie, and Educational Affairs Division Fundamental Education Section Chief Mr. KURIHARA Atsushi. They had a talk about the current situation of the program, and Professor Lee reported the opinions of the Sejong students that he had heard prior to the meeting. They also exchanged opinions on the way of administration of the program, the number of students to participate, and so on, for the future improvement of the program.
Also As a Bridge between Japan and Korea
Also As a Bridge between Japan and Korea

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