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New Mongol Institute of Technology (Mongolia) Visited YNU

On Monday, February 3, 2014, Dr. Chimed Ganzorig, President of New Mongol Institute of Technology (Mongolia) visited YNU.

New Mongol Institute of Technology was newly established last year, while President Ganzorig has many experiences to visit universities in Japan, including YNU, as ex-Vice-President of National University of Mongolia, to be well informed in Japan. He also has had research collaboration with Faculty of Engineering Professor UEDA Kazuyoshi so far. Taking this opportunity of a visit to the laboratory of Professor Ueda, President Ganzorig made a courtesy visit to President SUZUKI Kunio, as the president of the brand-new university in Mongolia.

At the President’s Office, Vice President YAMADA Hitoshi and International Office Manager Ms. ITO Yoko, other than President Suzuki, welcomed President Ganzorig. Dr. Namsrai Javkhlantugs, Professor Ueda’s former student and currently a post-doctoral researcher at YNU also attended the visit. President Suzuki has acquainted with him since his participation into Japan Education Fair 2012 held in Ulaanbaatar, while Vice-President Yamada too has well known about the situations of higher education in Mongolia because of participation into the same fair in 2013. Discussions were made in a warm atmosphere on such a basis to agree to the future object to sign up to an academic exchange agreement with Faculty of Engineering to which Professor Ueda, who is in ongoing collaboration with research, belongs.
President Chimed Ganzorig (Center)
President Chimed Ganzorig (Center)

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