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University of Malaya (Malaysia) Visited YNU

On Wednesday of July 24th, 2014, Professor Mohammad Sidin Ahmad Ishak, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya (UM, Malaysia) and other 2 delegates visited YNU.

UM is the No.1 university in Malaysia which has signed the academic & student exchange agreement with YNU, to put the exchange programs into practice. Even though it was in Ramadan of the Islamic calendar, they visited Japan and YNU for appearance of the newly assigned dean, Professor Sidin.

They visited the meeting room at the 1st floor of Administration Bureau, to be welcomed by International Strategy Organization Professor YOSHIDA Shohei, Associate Professor ANDRADE Hisami, and Associate Professor HASEGAWA Kenji. The discussions were mainly on the business issues such as the details on the UM’s way of receiving students sent from YNU. Explanations were also given on Summer Enrichment Program which had been proposed by UM, to have a Q&A session related to sending students from YNU. As a result, people exchanged opinions positively on the practical phases of student exchanges.

Mr. Zakaria Bin Mustafa, who graduated from Graduate School of International Social Sciences of YNU, also took part in the delegation, to be in charge of coordinating the visit and translating. YNU students also participated in the middle of the meeting, who had attended UM as an exchange student, to renew their friendship with their old teacher.

Taking this opportunity, improvement and development, and also encouragement of exchanging with UM would be expected.
Posed to the Commemorative Photo
Posed to the Commemorative Photo

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