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Nobel Laureate Dr. John L Hall (U.S.A.) Visited YNU

On Wednesday, October 29th, 2014, an American physicist Dr. John Lewis Hall visited YNU.

Dr. Hall received the Nobel prize in 2005 for his pioneering work and contributions to development of the laser-based precision spectroscopy with the optical frequency comb technique. Currently he is a Professor Adjoint at the Physics Department and JILA, Colorado University-Boulder. YNU Graduate School of Engineering was endowed to have his lecture “Laser Spectroscopy and Precision Measurement” as International Distinguished Lecturer Series, 5th, taking the precious opportunity of his visiting to Japan.
Dr. John Hall came to YNU with his wife Lindy Hall. They visited the President’s Office attended by Professor HONG Feng-Lei, to be welcomed by President SUZUKI Kunio, Executive Director and Vice-President KOKUBUN Yasuo, Dean of Faculty of Engineering KAWAMURA Atsuo, and Faculty of Engineering Professor TAKEDA Jun. Nevertheless their age of eighty, they were in good spirits and fine to make the atmosphere warm and friendly. Dr. Hall discussed with the YNU people on the topics including the research life and the circumstances of research and their differences between Japan and the U.S. Lindy Hall also provided a lot of additional information on the related topics.

The commemorative photo was immediately printed and handed to Dr. Hall, framed with the name of YNU on the rim. He seemed to be quite impressed with the work speed and the finish of the photo.
The very same photo has been framed and displayed at YNU Museum with Dr. Hall’s autograph. Students and any YNU related people should visit and check it at YNU Museum!
Dr. John Hall Visited YNU with His Wife Lindy Hall
Dr. John Hall Visited YNU with His Wife Lindy Hall

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