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CPIT (New Zealand) Visited YNU

On Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, Head of Department of Humanities Professor Mark Hornby and Business Manager Mr. Tim Hayashi visited YNU.

CPIT and YNU were to sign an academic exchange agreement and CPIT people visited YNU to have discussions on the further and detailed articles on student exchanges to focus on the actual phase after signing the agreement. Besides, information and explanations on the mutual programs were also to be given. CPIT conducts an enriched English education program so flexible acceptance of YNU students to such the program is expected.

The meeting was held at the International Office Meeting Room. International Strategy Organization Professor YOSHIDA Shohei and Associate Professor ANDRADE Hisami welcomed the visitors from CPIT and International Office Manager Ms. ITO Yoko and Vice Manager Ms. MIZUTANI Miyuki also attended the meeting. It started with self introductions of the attendees and then Professor Yoshida gave a presentation on YNU introductions. The two people who visited YNU for the first time watched and listened to the presentation with smile. Next, CPIT introductions were given and opinions were exchanged on student exchange programs. To make the articles on student exchanges fruitful, people had eager study and examinations.

YNU has been making efforts to provide a scheme to enable the students to choose and attend a class to study at the various places in the world.
Along with People in Charge of Practical Affairs in CPIT
Along with People in Charge of Practical Affairs in CPIT

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