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    YNU Participates in Study in Japan Fair in Myanmar

YNU Participates in Study in Japan Fair in Myanmar

Hosted by Japan Student Services Organization, a Study in Japan Fair was held in Yongon, Myanmar on 29 September 2015. Yoshiaki Omori, Professor of College of Economics, and Mitsue Ishida, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, represented YNU at the event.

A total of 27 Japanese universities took part in the event. Prof. Omori and Prof. Ishida introduced YNU to over 100 students and responded to inquiries pertaining to graduate school admission, dorms for international students, available scholarships, and life in Yokohama, amongst others.

Most students visiting the YNU booth had never been to Japan. Many were also unfamiliar with the university`s name or of the location of Yokohama. Reflecting on the event, both professors who attended are affirmed that their participation helped encourage prospective students to place YNU as a top school of choice for study in Japan.
<YNUブースでたくさんの質問に応対する様子>Responding to Inquiries at the YNU Booth
<YNUブースでたくさんの質問に応対する様子>Responding to Inquiries at the YNU Booth
<留学フェア会場の受付の様子>         Attendees at the Fair
<留学フェア会場の受付の様子> Attendees at the Fair

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