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【Japan University Rankings 2020】YNU is ranked #1 in ‘Educational Outcomes’ in Kanagawa

Yokohama National University was ranked first among the universities in Kanagawa Prefecture in the field of “educational outcome” in the THE Japan University Rankings 2020. The overall ranking is 14th in the metropolitan area.

The ‘Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings’ is a ranking published by the UK education magazine Times Higher Education (THE) for the purpose of promoting university education and globalization. It is constructed on four elements that indicate the broad strength of a university. In 2020, 278 universities were ranked nationwide.

What does ‘Educational outcomes’ measure?
“This pillar looks at the overall academic reputation of the university in Japan, based on votes from Japanese scholars in THE’s annual Academic Reputation Survey of leading academics worldwide, which helps us to determine which institutions have the best reputation for excellence in teaching. We also consider the reputation of the university among employers to get a sense of whether the university produces graduates the market wants. This is based on a survey of human resources departments from 815 listed and non-listed companies. Each department was asked to identify the 10 best universities based on the strengths of their employees from those institutions. Each department then completed a survey for each of the 10 universities that it identified, rating the employees from these institutions in several areas.” (See Methodology*)

YNU has been performing strongly in ‘educational outcomes’ at 15th overall for three consecutive years since 2018. Our university is committed to making every effort to establish a strong footing in academic research and education in the world of the 21st Century by upholding four fundamental principles: “Be Active,” “Be Innovative,” “Be Open” and “Be Global.” Since its foundation, Yokohama National University (YNU) has been committed to the spirit of solving actual, real-world problems by putting theory into practice, encouraging new endeavors, widely opening its doors to society, and fostering exchange with other nations. YNU conducts specialist education in a systematic manner to develop innovative talents who can contribute to the global and the local society’s sustainable development.

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