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Class Conducting Policies for the 2021 Academic Year

Dear YNU students, newly entering students, faculty and administrative members

March 16, 2021

Yuichi Hasebe


Yokohama National University

Class Conducting Policies for the 2021 Academic Year

Under its class conducting policies for the 2021 academic year, YNU will conduct as many in-person classes as possible for undergraduate courses in a safe on-campus environment, with measures against the coronavirus in place, as mentioned in December 2020. However, some courses difficult to teach in person, such as courses with large classes, due to anti-infection measures may be provided in an on-demand format or both in-person and remotely.

As for graduate courses, YNU will decide on the teaching methods in light of the educational effects of each subject.

For students worried about attending in-person classes due to underlying health conditions or other circumstances, YNU will do its utmost to take individual cases into consideration. Please check for announcements from your undergraduate or graduate school.

The cooperation of all students is necessary when conducting in-person classes starting in April. YNU appreciates your understanding and cooperation in thoroughly taking basic anti-infection precautions, including wearing face masks properly, washing and sanitizing your hands, and practicing social distancing, in addition to taking good care of your everyday health.

For details of YNU’s class conducting policies and other related information, please refer to the guidelines on preventing the spread of coronavirus infections in in-person classes and the announcements from schools and faculties, as listed below.

YNU is currently preparing to conduct in-person classes starting in April, but may change its policies before or after the start of the semester, depending on the state of the pandemic.

1. Guidelines on preventing the spread of coronavirus infections in in-person classes

For students新しいウィンドウが開きます
For faculty members新しいウィンドウが開きます

2. Class formats for undergraduate courses

College of Education新しいウィンドウが開きます
College of Economics新しいウィンドウが開きます
College of Business Administration新しいウィンドウが開きます
College of Engineering Science新しいウィンドウが開きます
College of Urban Sciences新しいウィンドウが開きます
General education courses新しいウィンドウが開きます
*Syllabuses will be released on March 22 (Monday).
*Class formats for graduate schools will be announced separately.
*The above will be linked to the webpage of each Colleges (note that all are in Japanese version)

3. Orientation

Please check the announcements on orientation for new and current students from the undergraduate or graduate schools.
English placement tests for new undergraduate students will be held as planned. Any change to the schedule will be announced on YNU’s website and other media.

4. Extracurricular activities

YNU’s guidelines on resuming extracurricular activities will be revised, and starting in April, student clubs and organizations will be permitted to conduct their activities after submitting an infection prevention plan as stipulated in the guidelines.
New anti-infection guidelines will be introduced for student clubs and organizations to recruit new students. Only those groups approved after applying in accordance with the guidelines will be allowed to conduct recruitment activities. Unauthorized recruiting is strictly prohibited.

The following instructions pertain to extracurricular activities in March.
Authorized groups that obtained YNU’s permission to resume extracurricular activities after July 2020, only to have them suspended due to the coronavirus state-of-emergency declaration in January 2021, will be allowed to restart their activities once the current declaration is lifted.

Groups requiring practice ahead of official games should contact YNU’s Student Support Division immediately in the event that the emergency declaration, extended until March 21, is pushed back to a later date. YNU will consider whether to give permission upon request.

Please note that YNU may prohibit extracurricular activities once again if the infection situation worsens.

Educational Affairs Division

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