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University’s View on the Use of Generative AIs

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University’s View on the Use of Generative AIs

June 15, 2023
TAKAGI, Masaki, Vice President (Education)
SHIKATA, Junji, Vice President (Research and Information)

As artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced rapidly in recent years, generative AIs, which generate logical texts and high-quality images based on various data, are being widely used at a rapid pace. Some natural language-processing AI applications like ChatGPT, made publicly available for free use, are said to have the potential to drastically change the landscape of our life and society as general-purpose technology as they will further enhance their veracity.

But, at the same time, the unchecked use of generative AI tools may possibly impede the ability to think and create, which can be developed best through trials and errors and the process of thinking, and even ruin the opportunity to develop high abilities and capacity as well as a sense of responsibility and ethics which are expected of our students by society. As these generative tools themselves are changing day by day, you must not use them in an unchecked manner, nor must you blindly believe their output because it may be wrong. There is also a risk of leakage of information, such as personal information of yours, your family’s, and your friends’, research data of yours and your laboratory’s, and confidential information at workplaces, including places where you work part time or as an intern. You might be suspected of committing plagiarism, fraudulent use, and falsification of reports and papers. As such, you could be held responsible legally or ethically.

We aim to become a “university centered on knowledge integration” that contributes to the “proposal of new social and economic systems” as well as “innovation and development of science and technology.” To this end, we have brought together faculty members with diverse specialties such as humanities, social sciences, and engineering at One Campus, mobilizing diverse academic and practical knowledge and openly collaborating across disciplines. We will continue interdisciplinary discussion with all these members carefully and from a diverse perspective to clarify the limits, potential, risks, and other aspects of this new technology.

For precautions concerning the use of generative AIs, please refer to the following document. We will provide our faculty and staff with a separate document on this matter.

Use of generative AIs including ChatGPT別カテゴリーへ移動します (for students)

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