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Use of ChatGPT and Other Generative AI Tools

June 2023

Dear Examinees

Yokohama National University

Use of ChatGPT and Other Generative AI Tools

We are urging our students to take note of the precautions concerning the use of generative AI tools including ChatGPT. Regarding the documents necessary for our entrance examination, please prepare and submit them based on the following reminder. In addition, international students must abide by their national and regional policies, laws, and regulations as required.


Information entered into generative AIs could be used for AI learning or leaked to unintended parties. Furthermore, the source of the information obtained from generative AIs is not clear and may contain fabricated data, biased views, or ethically problematic expressions.

Regarding an application form and other necessary documents, please prepare them in accordance with our Admission Policy and submit them at your own responsibility, ensuring that no wrongdoing is being committed and that no discrepancies in academic skills are suspected after admission.

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