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YNU has established the Diversity Strategy Promotion Headquarters in April 2020.

Yokohama National University Declaration of Diversity

Yokohama National University (YNU) strives to establish itself further in academic research and education in the 21st Century by upholding the following four fundamental principles: “Be Active”, to solve practical, real-world problems by putting theory into practice; “Be Innovative”, to actively promote new endeavors; “Be Open”, to widely open one’s doors to society; and “Be Global”, to foster exchange with other nations.

To this objective, it is essential to respect human rights, eradicate discrimination on the basis of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, sexual orientation and the like, and make sure that differences are respected as individuality and diversity is put to productive use. From this point of view, YNU declares that it will endeavor to improve its learning and working environments for students and faculty and staff members to have YNU evolve into an even more energetic university through the infusion of diverse knowledge and sensibility, thereby contributing to further societal developments in the 21st century.

The above is the background to the following initiatives:

  1. YNU will respect the human rights of individuals of diverse backgrounds, work to increase awareness about diversity between students and faculty and staff members, and promote mutual cooperation between them.
  2. YNU will endeavor to improve its learning and working environments for students and faculty and staff members with diverse characteristics and help them design their careers so as to achieve work-life balance.
  3. YNU will be fully aware that diversity of knowledge and sensibilities are invaluable assets for the revitalization of education and research and for making productive use of them in creating new value.

July 2019
President of Yokohama National University

YNU’s Diversity Initiatives

Considerations about Diversity

YNU launched the Diversity Working Group in 2016 to promote changes in awareness and make the necessary arrangements for the improvement of education and research through communication between members with the goal of allowing them to fully develop their individuality and potential irrespective of gender, nationality, age, race, disability, values, career, experience, mode of working, and the like. After a series of cross-sectoral discussions over the current realities and challenges of diversity, we have established the Diversity Strategy Promotion Headquarters in April 2020.

Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment (Collaboration Type)

YNU and its partner organizations, namely TAISEI CORPORATION and TEIJIN LIMITED, were selected for the “Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment (Collaboration Type)” under MEXT’s Science and Technology Human Resource Development Support Program for FY2018. For the implementation of this project, the “Diversity Liaison Council KT” was formed by industry, academic and governmental members based in Kanagawa (K) and Tokyo (T). Being the representative organization, YNU will work in mutual cooperation with all other organizations, while taking advantage of the characteristics of each organization and region, to provide diverse research environments, and at the same time lead promotion of female researchers and engineers.

Barrier-Free Accessibility Section : Attitude towards sexual identity and orientation (e.g., LGBT)

YNU will respect the sexual identity and orientation of each person, including LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), will not tolerate any discrimination, and will treat and support all individuals so that they can fully develop their own individuality and diverse abilities. YNU also offers the “General Consultation Service,” which helps and advices concerning LGBT-related and other problems can be consulted.

Gender Equality Section

The role of the Gender Equality Section is to support the social inclusion of both genders by increasing awareness between young people to create a gender-equal future and ensure diversity for YNU.

Barrier-Free Accessibility Section : Universal Design Development Plan

YNU promotes barrier-free access to form a more diverse university community and aims to eventually have a universally-designed campus where anyone can study and research without difficulty.

Barrier-Free Accessibility Section : Support for students with Disabilities

YNU strives to ensure that disabled students can take full part in education and research as non-disabled students do.