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New cases of Novel Coronavirus at YNU (7th Report)

Following numbers are the new cases of Novel Coronavirus at YNU since the beginning of fall semester.

October November December January February March 
2 16 6 10 1 0 
* Total cases are up to 60.

YNU encourage all students, faculties and administrative staffs to act as much as possible to minimize the risk of infection.

Make sure to avoid the “Three Cs” (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings), wear a mask, wash hands and ventilate your room.

Avoid“5 situations” that increase the risk of infection 別カテゴリーへ移動します in order to keep yourself safe.

Despite taking above measures, there is still a risk that you may get infected or identified to have close contact with person who are infected. When you encounter such cases, please contact the Health Service Center 別カテゴリーへ移動します without hesitation.

* YNU discloses information on new cases regularly to call for attention from students, faculties and administrative staffs.
* Please respect and protect the human rights and privacy of person infected and its family.

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